Friday, 21 October 2011

Insecticide Aerosol

Insecticide Aerosol (Water Base)

Price:  RM14.00

La Praise Skin Care Package

Price:  RM410.00

Bio-Ever Nano Cream (Botox Halal)

Price:  RM220.00

Nature Paste Toothpaste

D'Gene Body Contour Enhancer

Premium Beautiful - Intimate Wash

Price:  RM22.00

Premium Beautiful - Comfort & Hygenic Pad

Premium Beautiful - Personal Care Series.


Hair Shampoo (43001):  RM16.80
Body Shampoo (43002): RM16.80
Hand and Body Lotion (43003): RM16.80

Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie: Creating a Perfect Contour and Well-Balanced Posture.

Short Bra

Waist Nipper

Long Girdle

Giving the rounded shape

Prices / Harga: Ranging from RM1971.00 to RM2600.00 (depending on sizes)

Foliar Fertilizer - Hai-O Ezigrow

Characteristics:  More economical, more productive and cheaper.
4 litre bottle.
Price / Harga:     RM145.00

JTX Motor Oil - fully synthetic

JTX 900


JTX 1000

JTX 800

Characteristics:   Smoother engine, Quieter and save petrol.

Prices / Harga.

Hai-O JTX 5000 concentrated oil 250ml   -   RM112.00
Hai-O JTX 1000 Motor Oil (Premium Grade)  -  RM170.00
Hai-O JTX 800 Motor Oil (Regular Grade) - RM86.00
Hai-O JTX 900 Motor Oil (Regular Grade) - 112.00

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan (Maharani)

Functions:  Enhances health, regulates blood circulation and menstruation.
Price / Harga:   RM65.00
Ditanggung / certified HALAL.

Hai-O Bamboo Salt (Drinking): Enhance metabolism and maintain nutrient balance

Box of 40 sachets x 5g
Price / Harga:  RM126.00

Hai-O Garam Buluh: Alkaline food. Maintain nutrient balance in body.

Function:  Bamboo salt is an alkaline food that helps to maintain nutrient balance in the body (for cooking).
Price / Harga:  RM53.00

Hai-O Kacimah: Enhance Vitality, Overcome tiredness and tone muscles in women.

Bottle of 90 capsules x 0.28g
Price / Harga:   RM99.00

Hai-O Garlic: Health food for all ages.

Bottle of 80 tablets x 0.50g
Price / Harga:   RM31.60

Eury Jack: Improving Energy and Reduce Fatigue in men.

Function:  Improve energy and reduce fatique in men.
Bottle of 60 capsules x 0.43g
Price / Harga:  RM99.00

Hai-O Chlorella: Membantu penghadaman dan melegakan sembelit.

Function:  Traditionally used to relief constipation and help digestion.
Bottle of 300 tablets x 0.25g
Price / Harga:  RM69.60

Hai-O Eurico: Increase sexual strength and stamina in men

Function:  Traditionally used to increase strength and stamina in men (tongkat ali).
Bottle of 90 capsules x 0.40g
Price / Harga:   RM99.00

Celgynic - promotes healthy skin and hair.

Function:  Promotes healthy skin and hair.
Bottle of 240 pills x 0.36g
Harga / Price:  RM260.00